Surrey O55 6 - 6 Sussex O55

7th January 2018 - 11:00 am at Wimbledon R&FC

We managed a very satisfactory losing 6-6 draw away to Surrey at Wimbledon. I was hoping for a win, but they brought in 3 very strong O60 players including Ian Purton and Jenny Cox!

Wendy Gill and a near breathless ‘self’ managed to scrape out a very tight mixed match. Cathy Bargh was a superstar and won 3 rubbers. It then went to the wire and the last rubber –  with John Williamson & Linda Byne winning 21-19 in the 3rd end securing the draw.

Thanks to that win and everyone playing their part, we now have a chance of winning the division!

Colin Hayhurst – O55s Captain

Team: Stewart Byne, Shahab Hashemi, Colin Hayhurst, John Williamson, Cathy Bargh, Karen Thomas, Linda Byne, Wendy Gill

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