Sussex O65 1 - 8 Hampshire O65

21st January 2018 - 12:00 pm at Broadbridge Heath SC

The O65 team all still buzzing from the Eastleigh weekend, but without Pam & William put up a strong defence against the Hampshire side.   With four of the games going to three enders the ladies were unable to keep their record and it was Chris Byerley and Paul Moss who managed to take the game. (22-20).  Not the result we expected or hoped for, with a final score line of 1-8 to Hampshire.  Still recovering from my injury, I took over the score sheet and as usual there was an abundance of refreshments with some excellent sausage sandwiches provided by Chris……eh probably Janice

William Brown (Captain)

Photo L-R: Gill Fairham, Paul Moss, Linda Pettigrew, Chris Byerley, Janet Pordage & Martin Pordage

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